Tess Darent’s world is unravelling. Danger threatens her stepchildren and she is about to be unmasked as a radical political cartoonist and thrown into gaol. The only thing that can save her is a respectable marriage. But when it comes to tying the knot Tess requires a very special husband – one who has neither the desire nor the ability to consummate their marriage. 

From the Scandalous Women of the Ton series.


“Rumour has it that a certain notorious Princess has not a feather to fly and is looking for a gentleman to ease her financial worries. Perhaps the Earl of S. is the man she seeks…”

The Gentlemen’s Mercury, 1816

Confessions of a Duchess

Laura, Dowager Duchess of Cole, has sworn never to marry again. But the arrival of Dexter Anstruther, the man with whom she once shared one forbidden night of passion, throws her plans and her heart into turmoil. Laura knows that the secret she is keeping from Dexter would destroy any chance of a future together. But can she keep her secrets and keep Dexter at arm’s length when he is so determined to rekindle their passion?

First in The Brides of Fortune Series


“My name is Catriona Balfour and this is the story of my adventures…”

When her father dies, Catriona Balfour finds a family she did not know she had and an inheritance she did not know existed. But the welcome waiting for her at Glen Clair in the West Highlands is far from warm. Why does her Uncle Ebeneezer hate and fear her? What family secrets is he hiding? And isNeil Sinclair, the handsome naval officer who escorts her to her new home, an honourable gentleman or an unscrupulous smuggler and rogue? When Catriona is kidnapped only Neil can save her and only she can save him…

A homage to the original adventure "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The Scandalous Women of the Ton Series

This six book Regency series debuted in October 2010 with Whisper of Scandal, a book set in London and the Arctic! I've always liked the idea of strong female characters doing unusual and sometimes outrageous things and the more I have researched the Regency period, the more I have realized that some women undertook all kinds of work, travelled to far flung places and had the sorts of adventures and experiences that were far from the sequestered lives we sometimes imagine them living. Each of the books is a standalone story in itself but the scandalous women – and their heroes – feature in each other's stories.

Other Regency series include The Brides of Fortune and Scottish Brides. If you have any comments/questions about the Regency books, please do get in touch! Thank you.

Previous Books

I have been writing since I was a small child and have been a published author since 1998. In the last 20 years I have had 45 books published around the world, mainly Regency set historicals but also a book set during the English Civil War and another in the Edwardian period. The full book list is below in series order; these are a few of personal favourites.